Your website is where people discover you, your brand and what your business has to offer. It needs to not just be informative, but it must provide an enjoyable space for your viewer to easily browse and navigate your content, to feel into your energy and get a taste of who you really are.  A top performing website takes planning and then more planning. It takes expertise and utilisation of the optimum system for the job.


Our website developers are well versed with WordPress, Drupal and Ruby on Rails, ensuring we can deliver anything from a simple 5 page informative website to a complex enterprise and e-commerce websites.


Our sites responsive, meaning they are optimised for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. We take care of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and provide you with training to manage your site content independently.


For most websites, we turn to WordPress as our platform of choice. It does everything you could ever need it to and more. Whether you need a simple 5 page informative website to a complex e-commerce super store, WordPress is abundant in features and easy to manage content independently.


For those who require something a little more complex or where security is a top priority, Drupal is the platform to turn to. With its ability to handle extremely large amounts of content with ease, its unmatched security and its versatility, it's the perfect system for enterprise level sites and requirements for more complex functionality such as communities.


Famous websites using Drupal include: Tesla, Pinterest, eBay, NASA, Greenpeace and many Government websites.


Ruby on Rails is absolutely one of the finest backend web development frameworks. It is mature and offers stability that directly translates into successful, hassle-free maintenance for years. Although not a cheap option, good Ruby on Rails developers know how to tap into the magic of Rails and create something truly incredible.


If you are looking for pure website perfection and you're aiming for industry domination, RoR might be the option for you.


Famous websites using Ruby include: AirBnB, Groupon, Github, Couchsurfing, Shopify, Etsy, Kickstarter, Soundcloud, Indiegogo and Hulu.


Phase 1 - Discovery and planning


Before starting any web design project we like to get to know you and your business. We start with a website design brief questionnaire followed by a meeting in person or electronically to ensure we are all clear on the direction and scope of the project.


With our more in depth packages, phase 1 also includes professional website consulting that comes with a detailed report of how your website should be built, what systems can be utilised, what your best performing competitors are doing and what systems they are using.



Phase 2 - Design


We spend time working out the most effective way your site can be laid out and easily navigated by your viewers. We plan what content is most relevant and the journey your visitors will take. Then you will be presented with design ideas for approval before we move onto the build.



Phase 3 - The build


Once designs have been approved, the building begins. Throughout the build you will be updated and shown the progress to keep up to date and be given the chance to provide feedback.



Phase 4 - Testing


Websites are complex little beings and often there will be issues that need addressing.


We test your new website on multiple browsers and devices and along with your feedback, we make adjustments where needed to ensure the best browsing experience.



Phase 5 - Launch


The day you've been waiting for, your launch day. Time to go out and spread the word to the masses. Despite having completed your website, this doesn't mean you have to say goodbye to us. Ongoing support, upgrades and performance monitors are also services we provide that you can reap the benefits from.



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